Undercounter Cabinets

140 & 150 Undercounters

Developed in conjunction with customer needs these Under Counter Cabinets are designed to maximise storage in the busy prep area.

  • Choice of two storage temperatures refrigerator +3/+5°C, & freezer -18°C/-21°C
  • Stainless steel exterior as standard with aluminium interior
  • Front breathing refrigeration system, suitable for use even in enclosed areas
  • Easy to use microprocessor controls with digital display on the front for easy visual reference
  • Magnetic door gasket gives effective seal and is removable for easy cleaning
  • Door lock for security
  • New HR150 with drawers available (please see the downloadable PDF for further information)


200 & 360 Undercounters

These larger capacity Undercounter Cabinets are designed to squeeze out the maximum storage area in even the most space restricted kitchens. The 200 & 360 models offer all the features of the 140 & 150 models plus:-

  • Dual forced air fan system to ensure temperature is maintained in the hardest working kitchens


Space Saver 120 & 240 Undercounter Cabinets

These narrow width undercounter cabinets accept Gastronorm 1/1 size containers and are ideal for point of use work out.

  • Two capacities available; single door 120 and double door 240
  • Refrigerator +1/+4°C and freezer -18°C/-21°C temperatures available, with digital temperature display
  • Broadway option available on the 120 model (540mm depth)
  • Forced air circulation for even cooling and high performance in busy kitchens
  • Front breathing refrigeration system facilitates siting in enclosed areas
  • Automatic defrost and condensate evaporation for easy operation
  • Interior and exterior finished in 304 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel reinforced worktop offers a useful work surface area


Low Level Counters

Heavy duty cooking equipment can rely on the support of the Foster Low Level Counters. Under counter refrigeration is provided at the point of cooking, offering a base for a char-grill, griddle or broiling top.

  • Ideal for quick service restaurants and pubs as it provides refrigerated storage underneath the cooking area itself. 
  • Designed to carry up to 300kg (evenly spread) – invaluable to any quick service cook off station. 
  • Choice of two or four stainless steel drawer models.
  • LL1/2H maintains a temperature of +1/+4ºC. 
  • Digital microprocessor controller and illuminated on/off switch. 
  • Air distribution system ensures temperature is maintained throughout the length of the counter. 
  • Robust build with heavy duty handles and fixings to withstand constant usage. 
  • Easy to clean 304 grade stainless interior and exterior. 
  • Left hand mounted refrigeration system. 
  • Lockable castors. 
  • All models are economical to run, keeping energy costs low. 
  • Easy to clean and hygienic, enabling caterers to comply with all the latest food safety regulations. 
  • All models fitted with drawer locks as standard.
Foster RefrigeratorFoster Refrigerator


HR120 Space Saver Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

HRB120 Space Saver Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

HR140 Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

HR150 Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

HR200 Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

HR240 Space Saver Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

HR360 Refrigerated Undercounter Cabinet

LR120 Space Saver Freezer Undercounter Cabinet

LRB120 Space Saver Freezer Undercounter Cabinet

LR140 Freezer Undercounter Cabinet

LR150 Freezer Undercounter Cabinet

LR200 Freezer Undercounter Cabinet

LR240 Space Saver Freezer Undercounter Cabinet

LR360 Freezer Undercounter CabinetLR360 Freezer Undercounter Cabinet

LL1/2H Refrigerated Counter

LL2/1HS Refrigerated Counter

LL2/1HD Refrigerated Counter

LL2/1HDRW Meat/Chill Counter

LL2/4H Refrigerated Counter